The KS Wolf Line

Maybe you’re reading thinking “I don’t really feel like a kitten.”  Well, if you happen to have canine tendancies, or maybe you have a bigger kitten personality than normal, these might be your ears!  The KS Wolf ears are by far the biggest ears we have in production, and cater to our friends outside of kittenspace.

What Goes Into Our Ears

hours from start to finish
minutes of personal attention
feet of thread per pair
minutes trying to decide what to make next

Wolf Ear Dimensions

Measuring 4.25 inches tall, and 4 inches across on average.  Wolf ears come in three different types of fur: Regular, Thicker, and Thickest.  The thicker the fur, the more poof you get making the ears look much bigger than the base itself.

Though they may not look perfect on a smaller head, those who crave something bigger than our normal ears will be very satisfied with the Wolf line.  Made with the same care and materials as every other pair of ears we make, they’re sure to hold up to whatever you put them through.

For the more ferocious of pets out there, the Wolf ears are perfect for you.

Wolf Ear Gallery