The KS Luxury Line

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For the kitten that wants the extravagance of the Elegance line, but with a more compact and rounded tipped ear. This line is for those kittens who want something a bit smaller, but have to have the feeling of soft fur between their fingers. This line is for the kitten that believes style can be compact.

What Goes Into Our Ears

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Luxury Ear Dimensions

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Measuring 3 inches tall, and 3.75 inches across, the Luxury ears fit easily to the curve of any kitten’s head creating a classic look.

Yet a smaller size does not mean forfeiting quality. The Luxury line ears come surrounded by soft faux fur and lined on the inside with high quality designer fabrics. And to truly bring home the Luxury feeling, each ear is topped off with a satin handmade bow.

The luxury line is appropriate for any kitten looking to feel feline.

Luxury Ear Gallery

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