How to Buy KS Gear

This is a question we get emailed a lot, and some have said it’s hard to figure out how to navigate our site, so here is a simple and easy way to find out how to purchase our gear.

You do NOT have to be a VIP Member to purchased gear from us.  Less than 30% of our gear goes to the VIP Store, where the remaining 70% is released to the public at

To purchase our gear, you must wait for a release.  All the gear that we sell is sold on  There you can find items in our Handmade Section, Goodies store, Little store, and VIP Store if you are a VIP Member.  You may look at the type of items we make with examples by going to our Products Page.

You cannot order an item, set, or custom gear.  You must wait for items to be released.

We do not plan our releases, with exception to the small VIP Releases at the end of every month.  To learn more about VIP Releases and the VIP Program, please click here.

Any releases will be announced on our Instagram and Twitter. Sometimes we may announce releases up to 2 days in advance, others 15 minutes in advance.  We have no set system, and announce things as soon as we know for sure that they will be released.

We ship gear all over the world.  International rates are $10 for one item, and an extra $1 for every extra item.

We try to combine shipping for people who purchased multiple orders and refund the remaining amount every night after a big release.  If we seemed to miss your orders, please email us at

Unless a type of gear is Retired section of our Produt Page, the gear will be released again in the future.  We currently have a three person team, one person who is dedicated to everything but making gear, so please don’t expect your favorite product to be released all the time.

This means yes, we will be making more Scream Kiwi ears.  We make as large of a batch as we can before we have to release them, to try and let the most people get a pair.  Please be patient as we work to make the biggest release we reasonably can.

If you have anymore questions, please read our more frequently asked questions here.