KittenSightings FAQ Page

Please take a look at our most frequently asked questions before sending us an email.  If the answer you’re looking for is down below, chances are we’ll send you right back to this page.  If you don’t see what you’d like to know, feel free to get a hold of us on our Contact Page.

Welcome to KittenSightings! We make quality petplay gear, mainly focusing on kitten things. Ears, collars, leashes, handcuffs, you name it.

We do our best to make some of the best ears and collars on the internet and always strive to make the most quality of products we can. Every kitten, puppy, bunny, and every animal deserves the best gear they can get. And we try our best to meet that need.

KittenSightings was created by Princess Kitten in 2010, due to her frustration over the lack of petplay gear at that time. PK is the ultimate mama kitten. She started KittenSightings as a hobby, but it kind of blew up into something so much bigger. So now she works nearly every day to provide the best gear she can to all the wonderful peoples of the world!

I am Puppyshy, PK’s dedicated worker mouse. I take care of a lot of the day to day business of KittenSightings so PK can focus on making new designs and gear. You wouldn’t believe it, but people want as many ears and collars as they can get their paws on!

We also have Alley Kitten, our loyal collar maker who has made most of the beautiful collars  you’ve seen in recent releases.  Working from home, she’s a power house and has helped us create much more gear recently!!

We currently do not accept general custom orders at the moment. We are unfortunatly too busy to make customs for everyone who asks.

We only do custom orders for Standard and Full VIP Members. These two levels of Membership are capped to ensure we can fully get the items done within a specific ammount of time. We are currently sold out of both the Standard and Full VIP Memberships for 2016.

Standard VIP Members will be able to get a basic custom made from a perviously selected list of materials that you will be able to choose from starting in March. The Full VIP Members will be able to basic custom as well as a fully customized item of your choice in March as well.

For more infomration on the VIP Membership, please see the VIP Information Page.

We have two main sections in our KS Store. The VIP store, and the public store.

While the VIP store is only for VIP Members, the main store is open to anyone and can be found in the “Store” tab at the top of the screen. Anything in the public store is free to purchase.

We only sell items we have finished or have on hand.  So once all the items have been purchased, there will not be new items until we can finish a new batch.  We try to make as many items as possible so that more people have a chance to buy them.

Release times will be sent to all VIP Members before hand, as well as announcements on our Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Quite simply, they sell out within minutes. We have a firm policy that nothing is put in the store unless it is finished. This means we only put up a few ears at a time. We try to announce when we put up new gear on Tumblr or Instagram, but that only makes them go even faster.

We’re currently working on ways to create more ears, but we will not sacrifice quality for quantity. We try our best to ensure no two pairs of ears are made to look the exact same (unless clearly intended), and therefore are unique. We’re very sorry this causes a shortage in our store.

For the main store, we try to release it whenever we can. We do not have a set schedule at this time because we have so much demand to try and keep up with. We’re sorry it’s not more timed, but it’s all we can do with the three of us.

The VIP Program is geared toward those who simply can’t wait to get a hold of their next KS item. The program hosts over 450 members and counting, and has multiple levels to make sure we can include those who want to be a part of it. If you want a better chance at grabbing a basic pair of ears or a more complex set of items, the program has a level that can suit your needs.

However, please keep in mind that only Standard and Full Memberships are guaranteed to get gear in the form of a custom item.  Otherwise you must enter drawings to be able to purchase VIP Items.  We try our best to make it as fair as possible, but not every Member will win a drawing.

The Memberships come in Basic, Standard, and Full. Each have certain perks that you can learn more about here.

VIP Members get alerts on upcoming public releases, as well as a monthly release of 10-15 items. We also put about 15% of all our gear straight into the VIP Store, giving VIP Members more chances to get an item.

More information can be found on the VIP Membership Info page.

All VIP Release items are released on the VIP Release page of the VIP Members section of this website. Please click VIP Members in the top right of this page, login, and then go down to the VIP Release page. It is only accessible to VIP Members