The KS Elegance Line

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Our finest and most luxurious of all of our kitty ears. The Elegance line features a high point tip ears and a slightly larger feel, while still wrapped in the softest of fur. Not overly large but not incredibly small, this line is the most natural shaped kitten ear throughout our lines.

What Goes Into Our Ears

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Elegance Ear Dimensions

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Measuring nearly 3.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide, the Elegance line is the biggest of our main cat ear line. They help any kitten show off their inner feline in the most polished and stylish way.

All of the Elegance ears are covered in extremely soft faux fur, with any number of high quality designer fabrics encasing the inner part of the ear. Each ear is then finished with delicate handmade satin bows on each side. This is the top of the line for the kitten looking for the very best. You will feel completely elegant in this line every time.

The luxury line is appropriate for any kitten looking to feel feline.

Elegance Ear Gallery

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