Can You Help Us?

We can only do so much, and we’re hitting our limit as it is.  We also don’t have a lot in terms of payment, so we 100% understand if you’re too busy or need more than just a thank you.  But if you still want to help us out, there are a lot of ways you can.  We thought we’d let people know who found this page what we actually need:

  • Web Designers
    • We’ve done what we can with what we know, but there is still a professional aspect that seems lacking.  Anything you can contribute/help with would be amazing.
  • Graphic Designers
    • We just need pretty things… If it’s a cool twist on the logo, website banners, new Model Cards, a mascot, whatever.  If you can draw/create something that fits our ascetic, we might be able to compensate you in some way.  (But please send us a portfolio before you spend hours on one thing we might not be able to use!!)
  • For VIP: Mods for Chat and Forums
    • We’re hoping nothing gets too out of hand, but with a group of over 450 Members, we would like to have trusted people help us make sure everything is kept under control.
  • Any feature/program we’re missing, and how to implement it
    • If you think we should create a whole PetPlay social network, that’s a really great idea.  But we have no idea how to things like that, so if you don’t know either then that leaves us with nothing.  So anyone technical and save with “things” with ideas on how to improve would be a huge help.

If you don’t think you can contribute anything like we mentioned, that’s totally fine.  As long as you love the gear you have, or keep trying for your first item, any kind of support helps.  Thank you so much for anything you do for KS <3



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