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Dedication to Quality and Beauty

Here at KittenSightings, we strive to create the most stylish, unique, and durable kitten gear available. Specializing in ears, collars, cuffs, and leashes, we make items unlike anything else you’ll find.

We’ve dedicated years to creating original gear designs that will stay stylish and unscathed for the lifetime of the piece. Our collars and cuffs are also made to withstand nearly anything, including most BDSM activity.

We continue our dedication to making the must beautiful and polished kitten and pet related products you can find. This devotion to detail and quality speaks for itself, and we believe you will never be satisfied with the craftsmanship of our products.

Est. 2010

What we have to offer:

Our world renown ears are handmade and unique, made with high class materials and made to last.
Our handmade and BDSM proof collars have been nearly 6 years in the making, which their quality and style show.
All the information you need to know about KittenSightings VIP Membership and its features.
Our dedicated store has a variety of items from handmade gear, cheaper basic gear, and dedicated lines.

What is KittenSightings?

KittenSightings is a company dedicated to serving the KittenPlay and the PetPlay communities.

Princess Kitten, better known as PK, started an Etsy shop in 2010 due to the lack of gear shops at that time. Over that time, she spent many hours perfecting the techniques and designs still used to create KittenSightings handmade gear. Over the past 6 years, thanks to the tireless efforts made by PK, our company has branched out to become much more than a simple gear shop.

Though we have not stopped making the gear that has made us so popular, we also branched out provide much more than materialistic items to the community. Our KS Models program features kittens and pets from all over the world and gives each of them an outlet to chronicle their adventures and trials with PetPlay. KP Monthly is also our free monthly magazine that we hope to one day make a standard for KittenPlay and PetPlay information.

In the near future, as we gain more help, we hope to roll out more lines, projects, and support for the entire community. We hope to further prove as time goes on that we are not a one trick pony, and prove our dedication to the community that has helped make the entire company possible.

Custom Gear Showcase

Here are a few of the custom gear we made for Standard and Full VIP Members that we are most proud of.  Check them out to see the quality you can expect when ordering custom gear from KittenSightings.


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New to KittenPlay?

Much more than a few pretty faces, our models regularly chronicle their experiences through their life and Petplay.  Go check them out and ask a few questions or two!

We do much more at KS than simply make gear.  We’re a part of the community, and have years of experience all crafted into one free magazine. Go give a read if you’re looking for more information.

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